Up and Running

I note that 17 members of the Botsoc have signed on to follow this site.  I hope that you find it satisfactory, however, for it to work, all members will need to follow it, so please pass the word around amongst you fellow botanists and, if they are having difficulty coming to terms with the technology, I’m sure you will give them a hand!

In the meantime John Groenewald sent me some photographs taken on a recent visit to De Mond se Kop.  You must admit they are pretty special.

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5 Responses to Up and Running

  1. Sandy Jenkin says:

    Hi Ronnie
    The photo of the pink orchid is Pachites bodkinii – rare and only seen after fire.
    Good luck and great that you are up and running!

  2. roncorylus says:

    Thanks for your quick reply – its a beautiful bloom!

  3. Anina Lee says:

    They are indeed very special. Congratulations on the new innovative way of doing the newsletter.

  4. Thank you Ronnie. Great stuff.
    Please see my website of http://www.plantnames.co.za and let me know how you think we should link it to Fernkloof? Note that the website has an almost totally searchable database for any word or part of a word.
    Kind regards

  5. roncorylus says:

    Geoff, thanks for the comment. I do not know how to add your site to the Fernkloof website, but have taken the liberty of putting a link into the Herbs site, so that BotSoc members have easy access to it.

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