Garden Butterflies

1  Belenois thysa (False Dotted Border Butterfly)

There have been many of these butterflies around recently.  This is the dry season form, lemon yellow with margins of forewing bordered black with black spots along the outer margin of the hindwing.  It flies slowly, stopping frequently to feed on flowers. 

Daar is in die afgelope tyd baie valsgespikkelderand-flinders waargenem. Dit is die droëseisoen-vorm: suurlemoen-geel met ‘n rand van voorvlerkbegrensing en swart kolle al langs die buitegrens van die agtervlerk.  Hy vlieg stadig en stop dikwels om op blomme voedsel in te neem.

Belenoines thysa

Belenoines thysa


2  Acraea horta (Garden acraea)

The Garden acraea is a medium sized butterfly.  The larvae can be found feeding on the Wild Peach (Kiggelaria africana) and can be abundant in gardens. They pupate on or off the foodplant or on nearby walls or supports.

Die tuin-acraea  is ‘n gemiddelde grootte flinder.  Die larwes kan waargeneem word waar hulle die Wilde Perske (Kiggelaria africana )  vreet en kan in groot getalle in tuine voorkom. Hulle verpop op of van die voedingsplant af of op nabygeleë mure of ander stutte.

Acraea horta

Acraea horta

Article and photos;  Liz Hutton and Vic Hamilton Atwell

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1 Response to Garden Butterflies

  1. jobiska says:

    I know so little about our butterflies! Is Belenoines a fynbos special or does it have a wider distribution?

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