Remember to be Alert at all Times

The recent car break-in at Fernkloof is a cause for concern and visitors to the area are reminded to be on the alert for any untoward activity.  Please also ensure that any valuables are always kept well out of site.  There have been too many incidences of criminal activity in the area and we must all do everything in our power to notify the relevant authorities should we note anything suspicious.  Difficult as it may be, we should always try to walk in groups and avoid being alone at all times when in the Reserve.

Robin Richards has taken this matter up with the authorities and is doing all he can to ensure that safety measures are put in place.  We all owe him a big vote of thanks for doing this on our behalf.

Ronnie Hazell

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1 Response to Remember to be Alert at all Times

  1. John Verster says:

    Thank you Robin, for your efforts on behalf of all users of Fernkloof!

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