Appeal for Volunteers

Hermanus Hacking Group

Hermanus Hacking Group activities are presently still taking place above the Old Boys Club on Fridays at sunrise and for two hours thereafter (e.g. presently 7:15 until 9:30). We also have members actively involved in Voëlklip and Fernkloof (in Droëkloof and above the golf estates respectively – usually on Wednesdays from 9:00 until 12:00); and in Northcliff (mountainside of Mountain Drive: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8:00 until 11:00; and Fridays 7:15 – 9:30).

There are three types of volunteers:   1. Those who possibly attend 6 out of 10 hacking sessions on Fridays, all told about 28 during the course of the year (active volunteers).   2. Volunteers, who possibly attend two to four out of 10 hacking sessions on Fridays, all told about 10 during the course of the year (standby volunteers).   3. Those involved in other activities to support our work, e.g. transport of equipment to and from hacking venue, help with updating our asset register and labelling our assets, food purchasing, updating the Diary info at Hermanus Times.

Presently we have 25 volunteers and 50 workers on our two registers.

Volunteers have many commitments that take them away from hacking duties on Fridays on a regular basis. The result is that at best we have approximately nine volunteers hacking on Fridays, and sometimes as few as four. We require additional active/standby volunteers and hope that through this appeal we will be able to recruit these.

Workers are paid assistants, either South African or Malawian. We have found that one volunteer for three workers maximises productivity and efficiency. As we have approximately 24 workers on a Friday (not all workers of the 50 on the register attend each Friday) we require eight volunteers to attend each Friday session. We have a record of volunteers available for a Friday, updated three or four days before hacking takes place to ensure judicious use of our labour.

We sincerely hope this appeal will assist us in meeting our volunteer requirements.

Many, many thanks.

Warmest regards



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