Traffic is Increasing

During the first eight months of this blog it only had around 1900 views recorded.  I am happy to say that things are improving and we had just under 1000 in September. Hopefully you are finding the new format acceptable and are enjoying the articles published.  Remember that you can comment on any of the articles whenever you wish, by simply clicking on the comment button and writing a short note.  This will then be published with the article in question.  You are also free to click the ‘like’ button if you see something that you like.  I’m sure that authors will be keen to write new articles if they find that their readership is interacting in this way.         (note by Ronnie Hazell)

Can someone please identify this beautiful serruria seen on the contour path?


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3 Responses to Traffic is Increasing

  1. Cliff Moran says:

    Dear Herbs,

    You are doing a great job and I am really enjoying reading this material.

    Only one problem in going further (comment/reply)– how do I register a user name and password – with due modesty, I can say that if I am confused about this there will be plenty of others like me!?

    With best wishes.

    Cliff Moran

    Dr V C (Cliff) Moran PhD, DSc (h.c.)

    Professor Emeritus and Life Fellow

    University of Cape Town

    Tel: +27 28 313 0567

    Cell: +27 82 740 7321


  2. roncorylus says:

    Thanks! You do not need a user name or password to participate

  3. roncorylus says:

    Lee Burman identified it as a Serruria heterophylla. It’s on the Red data list!

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