Sonderothamnus petraeus

Near the start of the Dot’s Dash walk in Kleinmond, we spotted what looked like the Sonderothamnus speciosus (Penaceae family), but were puzzled that the plants were growing out of rock crevices.
I have since learnt that this is the Sonderothamnus petraeus, which occurs in rock crevices of sandstone outcrops from Cape Hangklip to Kleinmond. (Petros, the Greek for rock).
It is a wiry plant with regular leaves and crowded pink flowers and is a rock crack adapted species.
It is also known as the Kleinmond rock penny or as Brachysiphon petraeus.
I have read that it is pollinated by the long proboscid fly.
Note and image by Liz Hutton

Sonderothamnus petraeus

Sonderothamnus petraeus

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