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Previously published in the SANSA News (South African National Survey of Arachnida), No. 21, May-Sept 2014, as Webs at Vermont Pan, Hermanus. Hermanus people enjoy nature.  During April 2014 a lady walking around the Vermont Salt Pan was intrigued by … Continue reading

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Yellow Flower Crab Spider (Thomisus sp.)

One of the photos in HERBS this week of the Acrolophia lamellata shows a yellow flower crab spider hunting a bee.   “Spiders of Southern Africa” by Astri and John Leroy gives some interesting facts about crab spiders:- These spiders belong … Continue reading

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Acrolophia lamellata

At least 5 flowering plants of the rare orchid, Acrolophia lamellata have been found near Rotary Drive.  It is a robust, evergreen perennial with leathery, narrow, sharp-tipped leaves, overlapping one another.  The plants are about 50 cm tall.  The branched … Continue reading

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The ‘black orchid’ – seen 23 months after the fire

A search party by Botsoc members on 21st November, was finally rewarded with the find of the cryptic little orchid Acrolophia ustulata on the mountain summit above Voelklip. The ‘orchid group’ have been pursuing this elusive orchid since the fire … Continue reading

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“A successful scramble up the gulley”

On Friday, three Bot. Soc. members explored up the gulley above 17th ave. Voelklip. The aim was to see if there were any more Erica genistifolia plants (Herbs Nov.11 2014) in the gulley and also to see the Wimmerella arabidea … Continue reading

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41 years ago

I attach below a short extract from the BotSoc Newsletter of October 1973, as well as a notice that accompanied it regarding an outing of the Society, proving the old adage,”The more things change, the more they stay the same”

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A new Erica species for Fernkloof – Erica genistifolia

Out orchid hunting on the contour path between Voelklip and Vogelgat in late October, a group of Bot Soc members climbed up to a pool just above the path. Whilst photographing the dainty ferns and other unusual sedge-like plants on … Continue reading

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Member Feedback

Herbs, the newsletter of the Hermanus Botanical Society, has been published on this site for a year now and I, as your editor, need to know whether it meets the requirements of its members. From my side I can say … Continue reading

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Fernkloof Website

In another milestone for the Fernkloof website <> we have downloaded the 5,500th picture to the site. The first flower was Saltera sarcocolla which was uploaded on 23rd February 2003 by Herman Steyn. Our 5,500th image was Acrolophia ustulata, the … Continue reading

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