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Herbs, the newsletter of the Hermanus Botanical Society, has been published on this site for a year now and I, as your editor, need to know whether it meets the requirements of its members.

From my side I can say that I am pleased with our progress to date.  Interesting articles are being forwarded to me on a fairly regular basis, however, I would like to see input from more than the same few people all the time.  I am sure that there are many members who have interesting botanical experiences to recall, or perhaps records of unusual plants seen on their outings.  How about a report or two from BotStap on their walks?

As far as the format is concerned, I believe that the blog is a good way to go, especially as it has all historical articles available at all times, readily accessible by merely scrolling down. Furthermore, since it is instantaneous, it is always relevant and new discoveries or interesting sightings can be reported as they occur, thereby enabling all members to benefit and to be able to experience whatever is reported.

If you have any constructive feedback or would like to make a comment, please do so by clicking on ‘comments’ or ‘leave a comment’ below. A box will appear for your input.  Your comment will then be available for all to read and I promise you, I will publish them all (unless of course, they are unacceptable for this medium).

For your information, there are now 51 members of the Society following the blog, i.e. they get an email each time a new post is published.  Following the blog, keeps you right up to date, but it is up to you to do the necessary activation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ronnie Hazell

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3 Responses to Member Feedback

  1. Cliff Moran says:

    Excellent, informative and authoritative website. Your recipients learn from and enjoy the content. Congratulations to all concerned.

  2. Anina Lee says:

    A very successful format for sharing information. Well done.

  3. Peggy Moran says:

    I enjoyed the informative blogs. Many thanks.
    Peggy Moran

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