Visit the Fernkloof Gardens today!

The Plectranthus are in full flower.

The low growing pink flowered groundcover lines the path to the fragrance garden, the tall purple, pink and white Plectranthus ecklonii are in full bloom under the Wild Peach trees and the sky-blue P. zuluensis and blue P. saccatus (Stoep jacaranda) grow in many shady spots.

Visit the Fernkloof Nursery for advice on their cultivation.

Pay a visit to the Erica bed and you will come across a most beautiful Mimetes hottentoticus. You may be lucky enough to find sunbirds or sugarbirds enjoying its nectar so take your camera!

The plant is a member of the Protea family. It is found naturally on the steep slopes of the Kogelberg Mountains. The Mimetes plants in the Fernkloof gardens were donated by Rob Thomas of Betty’s Bay.

The African Olive (Rameron) Pigeon has been spotted in the Gardens feasting on the fruits of the Wild Peach.

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2 Responses to Visit the Fernkloof Gardens today!

  1. jobiska says:

    Congratulations to the volunteers who design and maintain this beautiful garden for us all to enjoy throughout the year.

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