Jackals Dans Revisited

On Friday, the ‘Fanatics’ spent the day at Jackals Dans, the fynbos private nature reserve that occupies the mountain between Hawston and Vermont.  As usual, the main quarry at this time of year, in an area that has recently been burnt, was Orchids. Luckily, quite a few were found, along with a total of 73 species recorded for the day.  Some examples of what was seen are shown below.

Article and photos – Ronnie Hazell

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5 Responses to Jackals Dans Revisited

  1. Margaret deVilliers says:

    I have tried to reply but my computer skills are very limited. Yes you are FANTASTIC FANATICS. Please tell me what image 1279 is. I wish I could have been with you. Well done. Mags


  2. roncorylus says:

    It is also Gnidia penicillata

  3. jobiska says:

    Having spent the day at an inspirational iSpot workshop, these flower photos would be perfect uploaded there for the record.

  4. Di says:

    Wonderful photos, Ronnie. Loved the outing and you brought it back to life.
    Thanks so

  5. roncorylus says:

    Thanks, Layna, for correcting my incorrect spelling of the reserve name. Apologies for the error!

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