Hot off the Fire Press

During the coming year members of the Hermanus Botanical Society monitoring the regrowth in the Fernkloof burn will post photos and snippets of information on to the blog.

Post-fire photos are most welcome from any other member who is inspired to photograph some of the wonderful flowers we expect to see.

Please send to Ronnie in original size at: .

It is a good time right now to walk from the Visitors’ Centre up the lower path leading to the waterfall.

On either side of the path two species of asparagus are already in flower.  Some of the stalks have grown to over a metre in height just five weeks after the burn.

Asparagus lignosus is noticeable by its white woody stems, the little white flowers almost cup-shaped, the anthers having bright orange pollen.

Asparagus rubicundus has stems that are darkish brown and glossy and the plant has a much more feathery look to it. The flowers are more open and star-like.

The common names of ‘katnaels, wag ‘n bietjie, katdoring’ describe very aptly what awaits you if you brush against or happen to grab hold of a stem, their spiny thorns are very sharp and often recurved!

Did you know – the needle-like branches are actually false leaves called cladodes, the true leaves are reduced and scale-like and sometimes hooked. (cladode: a specialized stem structure resembling and performing the function of a leaf)

Submitted by Sandy Jenkin

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1 Response to Hot off the Fire Press

  1. jobiska says:

    An excellent blog. It is going to be wonderful to watch the different plants as they emerge and to learn about them as individuals. We get quite lost in the sheer volume of mature fynbos!

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