Alien Busters!

Thank you to Ralph Louw, a Botanical Society member, and his assistant
Morgan, who last week removed a number of very large pine trees high up on
the slopes of Fernkloof.

The photos, by Gill Louw,show the burnt top of Lemoenkop below in the distance!

So if you had happened to spot silhouettes of large pine trees against the
skyline when out walking in Fernkloof, and the next week noticed their
disppearance, it is most probably due to these intrepid two!
The Hermanus Botanical Society sincerely appreciates their efforts.

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3 Responses to Alien Busters!

  1. Cliff Moran says:

    This is highly significant and praiseworthy work. Hermanus Botanical Society members will know this, but it is worth repeating. Plant ecologists worldwide recognize that the first priority in the successful suppression of invasive alien plants is to remove the isolated, often-almost-inaccesible, ‘outliers’ (the so-called ‘nascent-foci’ for further spread and consolidation of plant invasions) and preferably to remove the ‘outliers’ before they set seed: in the case of conservation efforts in the fynbos, pines trees are, without doubt, ‘enemy number one’. Sincere congratulations to Ralph and to Morgan and to all concerned.

  2. Garth and Liz Hutton says:

    What a great effort, Ralph and Morgan – that was a scary slope! Garth and Liz.

  3. jobiska says:

    Thank you Ralph and Morgan, what a great job, well done. I am sure that all lovers of our beautiful Fernkloof Reserve will appreciate your action, defending the fynbos!

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