Fernkloof Flower Festival


This weekend sees the culmination of endless hours of work by a huge army of volunteers over a long period, as the Flower Festival takes place at Fernkloof.  It comprises a wonderful display of local flowers arranged around a mock-up depicting the post fire scene in the fynbos.  There are also hundreds of flower specimens and a photographic display depicting the flora which occur after a fire.

Outside the hall are many other attractions, with local environmental organisations manning stalls where visitors can learn more about various aspects of our natural heritage.

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One Response to Fernkloof Flower Festival

  1. Patty Blignaut says:

    Well done on a grand show. The hall looks wonderful and the specimens are amazing and beautiful.
    The catering is very good and the tent so colourful.
    There is a lovely, happy feeling at the show
    The nursery is also looking so cheerful.
    Well done to all the volunteers.
    It was such a joy to attend the show.

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