Rotary Way in October


This morning I decided to see what interesting flowers I could find to photograph along Rotary Way above Hermanus.  The recently burnt section on the way up was spectacular. Whereas the Wachendorfia are all but over, there was a wonderful display of Bobartias and thousands of Corymbiums in full bloom.  Pillansii templemannii are coming into bloom everywhere and, what to me was especially interesting, were the many Tritoniopsis parviflora and Muraea anomala.  I also kept an eye out for orchids, but only saw Satyrium carneum and S. coriifolium as well as the ubiquitous Disa bracteata.

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One Response to Rotary Way in October

  1. jobiska says:

    It all sounds very beautiful, and what a stunning day on which to enjoy the flowers. Thank you for adding to the photographic record.

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