Fernkloof Orchids seen in 2016


Featured above are most of the Orchids seen in Fernkloof during 2016.  The Orchid Year started with the fabulous Disa forficaria – and what a stir it caused!  Then we had a bit of a break before the real season set in in spring and early summer. Other interesting species were the Disa bodkinii, Disperis paludosa, Ceratandra harveyana, Eulophia tabularis, Disa atrorubens, high altitude Disa hallackii and Satyrium rhynchanthum, all of which had not been seen for some years

I had to trawl through my records to find them and hope I haven’t missed too many. Acrolophia lamellata and Disa reticulata are two  I can think of which are not shown above, so here they are along with Orthochilus litoralis which we found on the golf course i.e. not far from Fernkloof!

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2 Responses to Fernkloof Orchids seen in 2016

  1. Garth and Liz Hutton says:

    What a fantastic collection of orchids and what fantastic photographs – aren’t we privileged to have experienced this!

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