Aasvoelkop Walk


This morning we set off at the crack of dawn in order to allow ourselves an opportunity to climb Aasvoelkop before the heat of the day.  It was a wise choice as we had perfect walking weather right up until we started down from the summit, when it warmed up considerably, although still not hot, fortunately.  We covered around 15 kilometres and climbed to a height of 790 metres from our start at 200 metres above sea level.

We had hoped to find some of the rarer orchid varieties that occur at altitude, but we had no luck.  Apart from a few Disa bivalvata and D. cornuta that were reaching the end of their flowering period, we only managed to see a few D. tenuifolia.  We did, however, have a wonderful walk and our brunch stop at Beacon Hut gave us an opportunity to take in the views and…

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2 Responses to Aasvoelkop Walk

  1. paula combrink says:

    HBQ – and a pair = wow how fantastic . what a super sighting tooo

  2. Ann Mapham says:

    Wonderful to be able to share your experience and discoveries without having to sweat! Would have loved to be there really! Thank you for the lovely pictures and the stunning record – magic!

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