Spring is bursting forth in Fernkloof!

Disa pillansii Herbert Staerker 04.09.17

Disa pillansii (Photo by Herbert Staerker)

Take a walk from the Visitors’ Centre on the path to the waterfall, (from late morning onwards on a sunny day), to see the spring flowers in bloom two years after the fire. Thanks to the Overberg Municipality the new boardwalk on the path to the falls is complete and is an amazing feat of construction expertly done.

Pink ixia and gladioli, poprosies, yellow sterretjies, mauve pea flowers, orange oxalis and more are flowering. Of great interest is the flowering of Aspalathus caledonensis, its silvery stems covered in yellow pea flowers. These plants have not been seen on the lower slopes to the falls for at least 20 years and it has been the December 2015 burn that has caused their regeneration. Seed has been lying dormant all this time!

Up Adder Ladder and onwards – large mounds of Hypocalyptus oxalidifolius are smothered by their own mauve flowers and silver stands of the tall Liparia vestita can be see all the way to Galpin Kop.

Exciting too has been the re-sighting of the pink orchid Disa pillansii which has flowered in the second year post-fire. The beautiful photo of the disa was taken in Fernkloof by Herbert Staerker, photographer of the Field Guide to Orchids of South Africa.

To see the fynbos in all its glory visit –

The Hermanus Flower Festival at Fernkloof Nature Reserve

22nd – 25th September 2017

Adults R25

Children under 12 –Free

Pensioner’s Day R10 – Friday 22nd

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