The Fernkloof Book is Launched!

This evening a large group of keen botanists attended the launch of the Fernkloof book, written in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Reserve.  Di Marais, who initiated and led the project through to its conclusion, had kept the final product under wraps, so everyone was itching to see the finished product.

Master of ceremonies, David Beattie, kept the proceedings moving.  His first speaker was Councillor Dawid Botha, who was full of praise for the Botanical Society and the role it has played over the years in putting Fernkloof on the map and ensuring that it is, and will remain, a world class reserve.  Next up was John Rorke, well known botanist, who has had a long association with Fernkloof.  He urged us to remain independent and to continue the good work in the Reserve and in the now, State-of-Art, Herbarium.

Then Di took over the podium and introduced all the contributors, presenting each with a copy of the book. One could hear the pages turning as the recipients keenly looked at what they had been so involved with over the past year.  It was a wonderful affair and everyone involved needs to be congratulated on their input, especially Di, who led the project with such enthusiasm and never once flagged.

Throughout it all, there was plenty of food available, all beautifully prepared and served by Carol and her team.  A good selection of sponsored wine was on hand to wash it all down and once the formalities were over, book and paper sales boomed and many guests will spend the evening poring over their new acquisitions.  Both book and wrapping paper should hit the high street soon and there is no doubt that they will sell like hot cakes!

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