An Empty Plot?


There is an empty plot measuring only around 400 square metres close to our house in Prestwick Village, Hermanus.  At first glance one might think that it does not deserve a second glance, however, this morning I took my camera there and had a good look at what is growing, and was amazed at what I saw, especially with my interest in wild orchids.

I counted around 80 Holothrix villosa plants, hundreds of Disa bracteata and hundreds of Satyrium odorum.  The latter were especially interesting from the point of view of their obvious symbiotic relationship with the sour figs (Carpobrotus edulis)  There were also many Cotula turbinata and Pauridia capensis, as well as Moraea neglecta and occasional Indigofera glomerata.  There were also many daisies which I did not identify.

This piece of ground will no doubt soon be built on and another group of local…

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