Kanonkop after the Rain


What weather!  Monday was a real summer day and hot as could be.  Today, however, loomed cold and windy, as we had a cold front passing through last night and it brought some very welcome rain.  This made for great walking conditions, but once again I was saddened by the poor turn out – only 6 walkers!

We set off up Klipspringer path, up to the Jeep Track and then on up to the summit of Kanonkop.  The views were excellent, but the wind was icy!  From there we headed along the track and descended via Adder’s Ladder, seeing wonderful displays of Cyclopia genistoides along the zig-zags.

Fernkloof really is a wonderful place and we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep.  Flower identification was aided by the new Fernkloof Book

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One Response to Kanonkop after the Rain

  1. Margaret deVilliers says:

    I wish that I had been there after the rain….keep walking!


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