Hunting Orchids Again


A walk in Fernkloof this morning produced a couple of good things.

The first was meeting up with two young lads from Cape Town, Odin and Juno (godly names, indeed!) who were also out looking for plants.  Odin’s main interest was Droseras and he showed a surprisingly good knowledge of these fascinating carniverous plants.  He also had a keen interest in Orchids and together we hunted and photographed some good specimens.  How nice to know that there are still some young people who see more to life than playing with their devices or watching TV!

The orchids seen included a good number of Acrolophia ustulata, both the dark maroon common ones as well as a plant with yellow flowers and another with brick-red petals.  Is this a new colour!  We also saw Holothrix brevipetala, the inevitable Disa bracteata, Disa cylindrica and Disa ophrydia.

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  1. Derek Silberblatt says:

    Great pics

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