Disa uniflora


A quick foray into Vogelgat Reserve this afternoon to see the Red Disa was everything we wanted.  Never before have I been able to photograph 10 blooms in close proximity to each other.  It really was magnificent!  Adding to the fun of the afternoon, we had a downpour – not typical Western Cape rain, but more like a monsoon with large drops raining down and absolutely drenching us.  Of course this started just as we reached the flowers, so we had to be quick with the camera to avoid any damage!

DSCF1147 Disa uniflora

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3 Responses to Disa uniflora

  1. Sandy Jenkin says:

    How stunning – just wanting to be photographed!

  2. Giorgio says:

    Ron you captured the essence of these stunning Disa’s. in my 18 years here at Vogelgat I haven’t seen such an unique display! thank you.

  3. jobiska says:

    Amazingly lovely photo. How many stems were there? I guess nothing ‘uniflora’ about that group of Disas!

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