Klipspringers in Fernkloof

The group of members were sitting at Belle’s bench for tea during this morning’s Botanical Society walk, when a Klipspringer was spotted standing on a rock, on Kanonkop, profiled against the blue sky. I managed to take 3 shots of the buck and when looking at the pictures on my return home it is clearly visible that there were actually 3 present at that location.

Note and photo by Derek Silberblatt

P1080494 - Copy

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2 Responses to Klipspringers in Fernkloof

  1. jobiska says:

    That klipspringer was a very long way away, Derek. Thank you for recording the sighting for us all. Such a pleasure to be reminded that they are still around.

  2. We saw 3 above Adders Ladder a few weeks ago. Great shot of a plucky animal.

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