Flower frenzy on De Mond se Kop


This morning I had the singular pleasure of accompanying eight ladies on their walk up the Zig-Zag path and on to De Mond se Kop in search of interesting plants.  We were not disappointed.

A bitterly cold wind kept us company and ensured that we were well wrapped up at all times.  Despite being heavily overcast, it did not rain at all, for which we were very thankful.  As for the flowers, we saw many beautiful specimens and stopped so many times to look and photograph, that I at times wondered if we would ever get off the mountain.  In the end we spent seven hours out and covered around 11 kilometres

Apart from the fynbos that so occupied everyone, we also saw a Cape Rockjumper and a beautiful pair of Black Harriers ranging above the three dams.  It was a wonderful sight to see these rare birds in Fernkloof!

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3 Responses to Flower frenzy on De Mond se Kop

  1. paula combrink says:

    how fabulous

  2. Margaret deVilliers says:

    Thank you for the wonderful trip down “memory lane” X M


  3. Dalene says:

    Always a pleasure to read the Newsletter THANKS RONNIE

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