In Honour of Frank Woodvine at the Bosman Vineyards – What a surprise!

Today was a botanical walk with a difference and what a special occasion it was for the Hermanus Botanical Society to attend a function in honour of Frank Woodvine, organised and catered for by the Bosman Family Vineyards.

Frank has been instrumental for his tireless work and devotion to re-establishing nature and wetland trails on the Bosman Farm. Although Frank has only known the Bosman family for about three years, his knowledge of the fynbos is highly regarded and there is huge admiration for his work in constructing all their hiking trails, removal of invasive alien vegetation and his dedication to the conservation of the biodiversity and sustainability of the environment in and around Hermanus. We all know of the work he has done for the Hermanus Botanical Society and Fernkloof Nature Reserve over the years and at the Bouchard Finlayson Farm. Frank is such a modest gentleman which is so endearing, not to mention his great sense of humour. He was heard to remark that he had never seen such a good turnout for a Botanical Society walk in all the years, 40 strong.

We all had a really fun time, with the tastiest of wines and delightful platters, which the Bosman Vineyards supplied and served in such style.

Gerhard Bruwer, the farm manager and his wife Karen were perfect hosts. Gerhard delivered a touching speech lauding all that Frank (fondly, Uncle Frank to them) has done for the farm. There is a special plaque erected near the Frame House at the start of the trails to honour what Frank has contributed as a “passionate botanist and conservationist”. Frank replied in his usual proficient style appearing somewhat embarrassed at all the fuss on his behalf. We all know though he thoroughly deserved every bit of the fuss.

There have been some exciting botanical discoveries on De Bos, Paranomus bolusii, Erica peziza, Amphithalea tomentosa, Serruria phylicoides, Muraltia stokoei to name a few.

De Bos will provide platters and coffee with their wine tasting, beautiful picnic baskets on order and live music on Thursday afternoon/evening. To hike you only need to check in at the tasting room. There is a quaint jungle-jim for children.


Derek Silberblatt

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1 Response to In Honour of Frank Woodvine at the Bosman Vineyards – What a surprise!

  1. jobiska says:

    Thank you, Derek. Great to have such a lovely record of a very special day.

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