Mossel River path renewal

If you go down to the Mossel today you are in for a big surprise.

Everyone should gather there because…

Todays the day you can once more walk along the path next to the river from the sea to the Three Dams. Frank Woodvine and his Malawian men together with some enthusiastic HBS members have hacked and pulled,  slogged and cleared. On Wednesday 23 January 18 excited botanical walkers investigated what had been done.

Starting west of the river mouth, head north until you cross the river to resume walking north, now on the river east bank. A shady section of indigenous trees still shows signs of invading trees, mostly garden escapees from local houses. These will be removed. Just before you reach the bridge across the R 43 near the Voelklip circle, dense bush and rushing river made the path impassable.

But no more! You can now walk to and under the bridge and continue to the arboretum of fascinating cork oak and penny gum trees to name a few and further to the dams.  Enjoy, the walk is charming!

There will be a tree book out soon listing all trees you will see on this walk and indeed in the whole of Hermanus.

Di Marais

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4 Responses to Mossel River path renewal

  1. jobiska says:

    That is a fantastic achievement. A huge amount of work. Many congratulations to all involved especially to our inspirational forester/hacker/trail blazer, the indefatigable Frank Woodvine.

  2. Margaret deVilliers says:

    Dear Di, I was delighted to hear from Jean Rawden that you have started to clear the Mossel River. Before the road bridge was built in 1965 (I think) it was a favourite walk. As you well know the arboretum was one of our very first projects. That was before Fernkloof took front seat and there was no Cliff Path. It is quite amazing to think of all that our society has achieved . Clearing the area next to the river is a huge job and I do hope that the project goes from strength to strength and is safe again. Congrats to you all for . The photos look wonderful. Mags


  3. Sandy Jenkin says:

    Congratulations to all those involved, a wonderful achievement. A booklet to look forward to as well!

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