The Natural Rhythms of Life

During a recent Friday talk, we had the pleasure of hearing Fiona Sym sharing her insights into living our lives to an ancient rhythm.

“One of the reasons I like to share my knowledge of natural rhythms is because I notice how often people get their timing wrong.  If they only knew how much easier life could be if they were to follow the natural cycles.  We are all familiar with how the daily or circadian cycle influences us, and how the yearly or circ-annual cycle influences us.  But sadly, few are familiar with the Moon cycle or Circa-lunar cycle.  And we are all influenced by the Moon, whether we are aware of it or not.

The Moon takes 29.5 days to complete a cycle, that’s approximately two weeks from new to full, and two weeks from full to new.  These are called waxing (growing) and waning (decreasing) Moons.  In short, up-welling energy encourages above ground growth in plants planted during the waxing phase, and all below-the-ground plants, like bulbs and potatoes, flourish if planted during the waning phase.  Avoid planting anything on the Full Moon or on the New Moon as the energies are too high and disturbing.

The same rules apply for everyday life.  If you want something to grow, like a new business or venture, begin it during a growing or waxing Moon.  If you want something to decrease or leave your life, like weeds or ending a contract, begin that during the decreasing or waning Moon.  These simple guides may seem like magic, but it is no different from the magic of leaves falling in the autumn, or new buds showing in the spring.  They are just the natural rhythms of life.  Try tuning in!”

Fiona creates her own Moon Calendars which give guidance on planting rhythms. She can be contacted on

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