Danielshoogte Botanical Visit 24-26 August 2015

Danielshoogte is a 2.2 thousand hectare piece of wonderful mountain above Aurora, mid-way between Piketberg and Velddrif.  There are 3 cottages at an altitude of 700m accommodating 14 people and a huge cave with ablutions to accommodate campers. There are wonderful westwards towards Velddrif and the sea, the Cederberg Mountains in the east, and even as far as Table Mountain on a clear day.

The area burnt five years ago so the fynbos is in peak condition. The drive up from Aurora to the cottages was breathtakingly beautiful. Seldom have we seen such magnificent fynbos. Stands of Serruria aitoni, Leucodendron loranthifolium and Leucodendron rubrum,  Protea laurifolium, Leucospermun calligerum,  Erica inaequalis,  Muraltia hysteria and blue Lobostemon laevigatus and much more. Tall Othonna arborescens waved its yellow heads everywhere. Stunning restios, Dovea macrocarpa, Wildenowenia incurvata abounded and there were many others we could not identify. We were guided by Andreas Groenewald and, even with his knowledge and that of HBS stalwarts, some plant names eluded us. The West Coast and Cederberg Flower guides were most useful for plant identification.

There were countless rocky outcrops with interesting plants and some bushman paintings too.  We only explored a small portion of this beautiful area.  Braais in the evening were great fun and the sunset over Velddrif spectacular.

I have the plant list if anyone is interested.

Di Marais

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2 Responses to Danielshoogte Botanical Visit 24-26 August 2015

  1. jobiska says:

    A great experience. Botanical Society members please take note and join our next out-of-town botanical exploration trip. There’s so much out there!

  2. Anina Lee says:

    Seriously envious. Thanks for sharing with those who had to stay behind.

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